Northern Neighbors

A Lively, Livable San Francisco For All

We are a group of neighbors in Pac Heights, the Marina, Cow Hollow, and the Presidio that believes in a lively, livable San Francisco.

We believe in more homes, more alternative transit, more local businesses, and more neighbors.


Your Neighbors

We are residents of District 2 in San Francisco. We are long-time residents and newcomers, renters and homeowners, employees and business owners, artists and accountants, high-tech and no-tech, families and individuals, citizens and immigrants, commuters, bus riders, cyclists, pedestrians.


We Believe In:


More homes

The Bay Area is experiencing a housing shortage, steep rents, displacement, hours-long commute, underfunded schools, and homelessness. Much of this is traced back to our severe housing shortage and the refusal of our city leaders to build affordable housing options for all of our residents.

city-pavement-people-1119078 (1).jpg

more transit

We want a dense city with low traffic and sustainable mobility: busses, bicycles, trains, and scooters. Our world is warming, and alternative transit is healthier, safer, and better for the environment. Teachers, retailers, baristas, and students of the neighborhood should have the option to live here, too, and not be forced to commute and pollute.


More walkability

We support welcoming and sustainable urban development. All the benefits of our city should be at our footsteps: supermarkets, playgrounds, restaurants, and parks. Aligned with SF’s Vision Zero, we believe no pedestrian should fear walking or crossing the street in our neighborhood.